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‘Quite simply magnificent’

The Times

This is the summer that Lewis Little, precocious thirteen-year-old, is spending in Paris with his mother, Alice. Alice is translating the latest medieval romance by Valentina Gavrilovich, the bestselling and exotic Russian émigré, Lewis is there to make his first acquaintance with one of the greatest cities in the world; neither can foresee the momentous events that lie in wait for them. Valentina slowly casts a spell over Lewis, but when her past begins to encroach on all their lives and, as this enchanted world is gradually lost, Lewis is driven on a terrifying quest.

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  • ‘A scary, funny and ultimately very affecting novel… Tremain lets us glimpse the adult-in.waiting; reminds us that life -tinged with joy, sex, pain -takes its whole shape from such moments’

    Julie Myerson, Mail on Sunday
  • ‘The Way I Found Her is a magical invention of page-turning suspense, of sadness, grief and passion, whose sure and delicate exposure of a sensibility flowering one hot Parisian summer teaches us the price of experience. Do not miss it’

    Elizabeth Buchan, The Times


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